The Chairman TARUD Board of Trustees, the entire staff and general membership of Trust Agency for Rural Development (TARUD), NGO A51 The Gambia;  acknowledged and commended the contributions of Happy Gunjur Foundation towards the development and maintenance of TARUD Preschool, TARUD administrative offices, Gunjur Community Preschool, Gunjur Senior Secondary School and Gunjur Health Centre.

TARUD has been partnering with Happy Gunjur Foundation for over ten years, as a result of which Happy Gunjur Foundation annually sponsors over one hundred students at the TARUD Preschool. The sponsorship includes a uniform, tuition fees, a pair of shoes and stationery for every sponsored student.

Through their decisive and ambitious contribution, they provide and maintain a pump at the school to provide a safe drinking water for the school. They also run and maintain the school feeding program for the purpose of student retention at school.

Happy Gunjur Foundation’s in their help to drive the strategic direction of  and delivery of quality education at the TARUD Preschool constructed the staff room for the teachers, an office for the headmaster, a kitchen and a dining hall for student feeding program.

In addition, Happy Gunjur Foundation regularly contributes towards the salary of the teachers at the TARUD Preschool, and also regularly provides stationery to the preschool and TARUD administrative offices.

Note worthy is that, Happy Gunjur Foundation constructed two block storey building classrooms for the purpose of integrating a senior secondary school into the junior secondary school cycle of Gunjur. The construction of this building is inclusive of the electricity, running water and toilet facilities. Moreover, they constructed Gunjur Community Preschool to meet the growing demands of preschool education in Gunjur. Happy Gunjur Foundation frequently provides medical supplies to Gunjur Health Centre, and they also provide an ambulance to the Health Centre. This is a clear manifestation and confirmation of Happy Gunjur Foundation’s commitment to ensure accessible education and health to the people of Gunjur.

To conclude, we take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Happy Gunjur Foundation for their continuous support to TARUD’s integrated development programmes in Gunjur. We are very grateful for their support to create a just future for the children and the people of Gunjur. We remain their partner in development.

Sandang Bojang

Director – TARUD

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